Access Property Details by clicking a Property name from your search results list or from any Past Bookings list.

Top Details
At the top of the Property Details page you will see the Property name and address.  Hover over the (i) icon next to the property name to see that properties attributes.  If you came from the search results page you will also see attribute tiles relating to that search when applicable.


Add to Comp Set
From the header you can add that property to a new or existing comp set by clicking the "Add to Comp Set" button.  Want to add the property to a new comp set?  Simple click "Add to New Comp Set" to name the new comp set and automatically add the property.

To manage all of your comp sets visit the Comp Set Manager page.   More information about building your comp set here.


Remove from Comp Set
You can remove a property from your comp set(s) by hovering over the gear icon next to the property name to see a list of comp sets the property is in and clicking the 'x' to remove the property.


Click "Export Bookings" to export the Past Bookings for the Account into Excel.  You will export what you see on your screen, up to 5000 bookings. 

Past Bookings
The Past Bookings will display the number of filtered bookings and total bookings available.  Toggle between "Filtered Booking Set" and "All Past Bookings".  Click from Saved Searches and Recent Searches in the left pane to see how those searches update the properties past bookings list.  Click a column header to sort the list and select the "function" link to expand the booking.