How can I uncover local accounts that I can drive to with past bookings in my area that have booked at property’s with the same chain scale?


Begin the search under the property attributes. Then select view additional options to add preferred chain scale. Move to the account attributes tab to hone in on accounts within a specific area. Utilize the center point search to drill down the location and preferred mile radius. Click on search to review search results.


Select Property Attributes


Select preferred Chain Scale  Note: User can select more than one chain scale


Select Account Attributes


Use the Center point search to enter location

Add city, state, or zip code under centerpoint search where it states “Enter Location”

Note: You can add more than one center point for the search and all locations will be located under center points

Select radius by moving the dial left (decrease) or right (increase) Radius.jpg

Click on Add_CenterPoint.jpg


Use the Search or Save & Search (right corner) option to view your search results


Click the blue Export button to export the data to Excel