How can I target holiday parties that have met in my comp set and see whether they are brand loyal?


View additional options under booking attributes. Under function name add as many relevant keywords to target holiday parties (ex. holiday, party, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.) and click on the plus (+) symbol in order for all the keywords to be filtered for your search. Once you have added all of the booking attributes, move to property attributes to filter holiday parties that have met in your comp set.  Select the comp set of your choosing then the blue search symbol at the top right corner. Review each account’s brand loyalty by clicking on the account name and selecting booking analysis.

Step by Step:

Click on Booking Attributes


Under Function Name add keywords related to search and click the plus sign (+) for the words to filter the search


Select Property Attributes to add your comp set


Click on Comp Set and then select Comp Set


Note: Once search criteria is added each field will have a green check mark next to the main and subset attributes

Use the Search or Save & Search (right corner) option to view your search results.


Click on Account Name in blue


Click on Booking Analysis


Review Brand Drilldown graph to assess brand loyalty