How do I target accounts that have booked during need times, for example, Q4 and Q1,  of 2018?


Begin under booking attributes to add targeted need times. Choose between the four options: add year, add range, add week (this includes day of week), add month, and/or quarters. For this example, we are focusing on 2018 and then quickly toggling to the quarter tab to include Q1 and Q4. Then select account attributes and utilize the center point search radius to find accounts that have booked nearest your hotel. Once the center point is added the accounts will populate on the right hand side. Review your results by selecting save and search in the upper right hand corner. Simply click on any account name to learn more about past bookings and account buying behavior. Should you want to export your search into an excel document click on export on the upper right hand corner. This will allow you to prioritize your outbound prospecting efforts to accounts that have booked at hotels near you during your need periods. Happy selling!    


Click on Booking Attributes


 Add Year

Note: Add more than one year to widen your prospecting search over your need period


 Add Quarter


Click on Account Attributes


Use Center point Search to type in your location

Add city, state, or zip code under center point search

Note: You can add more than one center point for the search Select radius by moving the dial left (decrease) or right (increase) Radius.jpg

Click on Add_CenterPoint.jpg

See full view of search criteria below with properties on the right hand side


Use Save & Search (right corner) option to view your search results


Click on the green down arrow to view all of the bookings matching your search


Note: To collapse the booking details click on the green up arrow. To dive into an account of your choice click on account name to view booking analysis and more  

Click the blue Export button to export the data to Excel.