SmartSearch Results

SmartSearch results are scored by looking at the booking locations and comparing their property attributes to your own property.

From the search results page you will be able to see a summary of the Accounts and their associated Booking Sets that match your search criteria, refine your search, export your results and click into related Account pages.  The total number of applicable Account Booking Sets is displayed in the top header.

Sort Accounts By
Relevance: highest score first: This is the default display for your search results and displays your search results by score.  See which accounts have held bookings at properties with similar attributes to your own property.

Booking Count: highest first: Sort by the number of bookings that met your search criteria within the booking set.

Total Booking Count: highest first: Sort by the total number of bookings for an account.  Use this if you are trying to target the largest/most active accounts.

Alphabetical Aa-Zz: Sort accounts alphabetically starting with A.

Alphabetical Zz-Aa: Sort accounts alphabetically starting with Z.


Relevance Tiles
The tile icons display how the properties within the Booking Set match your property.  Hover over a tile to see the percentage and attribute match.  Example: 75% Urban Location Type Match

Tiles represent the following property attributes: Location (Region, State, or Market), Brand Group/Brand, Chain Scale/Class, Location Type, Market Category

Note: Attribute Tiles will only display if the Booking Set locations match your property so if it is a zero match then the tile will not be displayed.


Account Booking Sets
Your search results include the list of Accounts and the associated bookings (Booking Sets) that met your search criteria.

 The Account Booking Set displays:

  • Account Name
  • Market Segment and Industry (aka vertical)
  • Attribute Match Tiles
  • Booking Set Total / Total Bookings
  • HQ Address

The Account Booking Set can be expanded to display the list of bookings that met your search criteria.

  • Booking Name
  • Date and Booking Length Read
  • Booking Location, including a link to the property details page
  • Hover over the (i) icon next to the property name to see their property attributes
  • Booking size details

Export your search results to Excel by clicking "Export".  The export will include up to 500 Accounts and their first 10 bookings from your search.

Edit Search
Once you’ve run a search, you can return to the SmartSearch form to continue to refine the search criteria by clicking "Edit Search".

Save Search
If you did not use the Save & Search button to run your search you can click "Save Search" from the search results page to turn the Recent Search into a Saved Search.