Access Account Details by clicking an Account name from your search results list or by searching for a specific account using the account name keyword search in the top left pane.


Top details
At the top of the Account Details page you will see the Account name, market segment- industry, and headquarter address.  If you came from the search results page you will also see attribute tiles relating to that search.  Click "Accounts" next to the Account name to return to your search results.


Click "Export Bookings" to export the Past Bookings for the Account into Excel.  You will export what you see on your screen, up to 5000 bookings. 

Assign Owner
Click "Assign Owner" to assign one or more users to the Account.  You can view Account Owners under the "Overview" tab.

Additional Account Management Tools
To access a list of; the Account's Elite Leads, Alerts, Reminders, Notes and data flags click on the link out button next to the Account name in the top bar.

Past Bookings
The Past Bookings tab will display the number of filtered bookings and total bookings available.  Toggle between "Filtered Booking Set" and "All Past Bookings".  Click from Saved Searches and Recent Searches in the left pane to see how those searches update the past bookings list.  Click a column header to sort the list and select the "function" link to expand the booking.


Bookings Analysis
The Booking Analysis tab displays graphs for the Account's buying behavior to see what types of properties and locations they have a tendency to book.  Each graph can be drilled down to the property level by clicking on the graph and can be viewed with a Filtered Booking Set applied or for All Past Bookings.  If your property attribute is included in the graph you will see that section highlighted.

The Bookings by Week of Year chart displays all of their past bookings by week of year so you can see when they have a tendency to book.  If you have your need dates applied then you will see how the account's past bookings match up with your need dates.

TIP: Ask your CS rep to add your Need Dates onto your account so you can see how your need dates overlay on the chart. 


Each graph will display the top 10 results for the account and you can click into them to drill down to the property level.  Click "Show Chart Data Table" to see a list version of the results.



Contacts / Phone / Address
This tab contains all Contacts, Account Phone Numbers and Account Addresses collected by Knowland researchers.  Click on a Contact to see their associated bookings.


The Overview tab includes Overview stats, the Most Recent Booking and Assigned Owner(s) for the Account.