Comp-Set Key Account Recap Report

Important Notes:

  • You are only allowed to select one Comp-Set per report.
    • In order to run the report for other Comp-Set’s you will need to run them individually.
  • You are only allowed to compare full years once they have passed.

Best Practice:

  • Be sure to add your property into your Comp-Set, to be able to compare your business against your competitors.
  • Need help building a Comp-Set? Click Here-> How to build a Comp-Set



Step 1- Go to Reports

  • Select “Reports” on the home screen of your account


Step 2- Locate Comp-Set Key Account Recap Report

  • Select “Customize & Export” next to the report name



Step 3- Select time frame: “Compare Following Years”



Step 4- Select a Comp-Set



Step 5- Export Report



Step 6: Open Report

  • Depending on the browser you are using, the report will download to your desktop. This allows you to keep the report, make edits, and reference it whenever you want.