SmartSync for MeetingBroker

SmartSync for Insight Elite and MeetingBroker cuts out the manual step of having to move prospects from Insight into your sales system. Whether you are targeting accounts doing business during your need periods, targeting key accounts or specific events meeting in your competitive set, you can easily get those account details right into your sales system for immediate prospecting and tracking.

Sending a lead to your sales system

To send Insight prospects through your Knowland MeetingBroker channel, click the cloud icon located throughout Insight Elite.  


Send leads from your "Elite Leads" tab:

  1. In Card View, Click "Assign" from a lead card and select "Assign & Send" to assign the lead and send it to your sales system.                                                                                       
  2. In List View, use the "Assign and Send Lead" feature for a single lead or select up to 20 leads to assign and send in bulk. 
  3. When viewing an Elite Lead, click "Assign Lead" and select "Assign & Send". 

Send events from your Calendar tab: Click on the blue cloud icon displayed for all events associated to a group.

Send Elite Leads from Group Details: From the "Elite Leads" section on the Group Details page, click "Assign Lead" and select "Assign & Send".

Send events from Past Event lists:  Past Events lists can be found on all Group Details, Contact Details and Hotel Details pages.  Click the cloud icon to send an event to your sales system.

Confirmation Window: A confirmation window will open to allow you to select a Send To user, set a Future Start Date and add any comments you would like to include.

  • Send To: The user who should receive the lead to prospect in your sales system.  
  • Future Start Date: Default date displays the event start date + next year.
  • Optional Comments: Use this field to include notes to yourself or a team member.  TIP: Include a note indicating what it is about this prospect that makes you want to call them.

*Resending the same event or Elite Lead will update the existing Inquiry in your sales system.  It will not send a duplicate record.




*Need to see what Knowland prospects have been sent to your sales system?  Click here to learn about the "SmartSync Integration Export" report.