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Get to know Insight’s Key Features

Manage Comp Set

Create your comp set by selecting from all hotels that Knowland has read thus far and start tracking their activity. Remember that you can select up to 5 hotels for your collection.

  1. Search geographically for properties to build your comp set. You have options to tweak your search. Change the result radius, apply filters like name keyword or brand, and sort your results.
  2. Evaluate which hotels make the most intelligent comp set for you by using the detailed event information for every property like average daily meeting space used, event share per industry segment and more.

Daily Comp Set Dashboard

You can have a dashboard email delivered on any day(s) of the week for the activity in your comp set. This will allow you to see what group activity is going to your competitors so you can prospect quickly.

  1. Follow the numbered steps.
  2. Get your dashboard views delivered any day of the week.

Calendar Tab

View the weekly breakdown of your competitors’ events in this interactive and easy-to-read calendar.

  1. View your comp set hotels on the left side of the calendar. Click a hotel name to view detailed property information.
  2. Change the dates to any past or current week to see which groups met during that time frame in your comp set.
  3. Groups are color-coded; reference the key at the top of the calendar.
  4. Click on any group within the calendar to access contact details, past events, and more.

Advanced Search

Run customized searches with the advanced search, a filtered search option that allows you to find groups using virtually any set of criteria you want.

  1. Select <Advanced> on your black taskbar at the very top of the page.
  2. Enter a title for your search in the <Save & Search> bar.
  3. Add date ranges, industry segments, headquarter locations, and any other criteria that matter to you.
  4. After applying all your filters, click <Save & Search> to run the search and save it for later use.
  5. Your results page will populate with groups that meet the qualifications you set in the filters.
  6. To view details for a particular group such as events, contacts and so on click the group name to access its full profile.

Export Data

When you want data on-hand, you can export it directly from an advanced search, saved search, or custom report. You can choose from four quick export options or create your own custom export.

Simple Exports

There are four default export formats to choose from. All simple exports are spreadsheets with merged rows, making them perfect for creating targeted call lists.

  1. Top 10 Event (Group) - List of 100 groups with their 10 most recent events that match your search criteria. Includes group HQ locations and contacts
  2. Top Contact Export - List of 100 groups with their 10 most recently verified meeting planners. This is a call list for the groups in your results
  3. Top 10 Event (Hotel) - List of 100 competitor properties with their 10 most recent events that match your search criteria. Includes group HQ locations and contacts
  4. Top 10 Event (Group, last option) - Same as the first, but you can choose the most important groups from your results to include, instead of exporting the full list

Custom Exports

When you need to get more specific data from your exports, custom exports will deliver a list of up to 500 of results that match your filtered search criteria and the ten most recent events from each of those accounts.

Insight’s Reporting Capabilities

Comp-Set Key Account Recap Report

This report will compare group activity of one year versus another using the hotels in your comp set. *This report will only work if you have a comp set built.

Insight Usage Report

See a breakdown of logins by user and account, page views by type, group assignments, groups viewed, searches, emails sent, and more. The report's filters default to all users and looks at the past 30 days of activity.

Knowland Meeting Room Occupancy Analysis

See how effective hotels in your comp set are at filling function space. Compare available meeting space with meeting space used amongst the properties in your comp set. *This report will only work if you have a comp set built.

Monthly Download Report
This report shows all events that were held at your competitors’ property over the last 30 days. *This report will only work if you have a comp set built.

Most Active Report

This report can help you identify repeat groups that meet in your comp set. Filter by event date, industry segment, multi-day events, and more.

Custom Reports

Custom reports allow you to customize your own parameters before running a report and also get the reports auto-delivered to your email inbox on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. The goal of this feature is to get you exactly what you want and need while still saving time.

Auto Delivered Reports

Automate the delivery of any report to receive results in your inbox whenever you choose. On the reports page, auto delivered reports can be found below custom reports.

Additional Help

As a Knowland customer, whenever you have questions about using Insight, you can access the Help Center.

Representatives are available to help you grow your skills for success:

Insight Support: M-F, 9 a.m.-7 p.m., EST  |  Email: clientcare@knowland.com   |  Call: +1 410-860-2270