How Do I Uncover New Business?


How do I target accounts with opportunity?
What competitor brands are the accounts meeting in?
Where are the accounts headquartered?

  1. Navigate to the Industry Event Count tab.
  2. Using the filters on the left side panel, you can target a specific type of account(s). Once the filters are applied, you can see the Top 300 accounts that match your criteria.
  3. You can see what industry segment is prominent on the main graph. You can also see on the bottom left graph those Top 300 Groups and what brands they are meeting in. The graph on the bottom left highlights where those Top 300 Groups are headquartered.
  4. Hover over any of these bar charts and graphs for additional information.

More information on the side panel filters here.


Are there specific industries or sub-segments that I should focus on?

  1. Navigate to the Top Segments Tab. This tab will show you industry and industry sub-segment trends based on the filters you choose on the left side panel.
  2. Using the dropdown on the top left corner titled ‘Select a Metric’, you can toggle between Total Event Count as well as Δ YoY Event Count for each sub-segment to understand an account’s activity and behavior.


What size events are the sub-segments having?
What markets are the sub-segments meeting in?
Within those markets, what brands & hotels are the sub-segments meeting in?

  1. By selecting an industry sub-segment from the list, two graphs will populate on the bottom left and right hand side specific to that sub-segment.
  2. The bottom left graph illustrates the largest meeting room the chosen sub-segment uses YoY across the various brands.
  3. The bottom right graph illustrates all of the markets that sub-segment has met in and at what brands. By hovering over those bar graphs, you can even see what individual hotel we’ve tracked that sub-segment at and how many times.


For the Top 300 Groups, how many events are they having?

  1. Navigate to the Top Groups tab.
  2. Select Total Event Count in the Select a Metric dropdown menu (top left corner) to see how many events the accounts are having and at which brands.
  3. Hover over any cell to see additional metrics on an account’s events at a particular brand.


What is the overall year-over-year trend of the account’s meetings? (i.e., increasing or decreasing year-over-year)

  1. Select the Δ YoY Event Count metric.
    Knowland Tip: Δ YoY Event Count is the easiest way to view an account’s trends.
  2. Hover over any cell to see additional metrics on an account’s events at a particular brand.
    Knowland Tip: Use this view to determine which brands are losing or gaining share. Green cells represent positive trend in number of events. Red represents a negative trend in number of events.


How can I target accounts that are not considered to be ‘major accounts’?

  1. If you want to focus on groups aside from the major accounts, you’ll want to use the Group Event Count filter.
  2. By Selecting groups that have had fewer overall events, you will be able to target emerging groups and those with growth potential. This will also remove any major account that is most likely already assigned to someone in your organization to focus on.