How do I grow my account?


How do I identify opportunities to move market share in locations that are well suited for my brand?


  1. Navigate to the Top Groups tab.
  2. Check ([✔]) My Assigned Groups Only on the main task bar.
  3. Select a particular account (row) and focus on lower right graph to see what markets your account is meeting in and what brand/individual hotel they are going to.

Knowland Tip: Ask yourself, “In which markets am I not getting my fair share? Are they meeting at hotels similar to mine? What additional features and benefits do my brand’s hotels offer in those markets?”


In which markets am I not capturing potential business even though my brand has product in those markets?

  1. Navigate to the Group Overview tab.
  2. View the Top Markets graph.
    Knowland Tip: Try using the Market Share Metric under Select Comparison Type.
  3. Hover over the cells for additional information.

Knowland Tip: Identify potential by asking yourself, “Is my account meeting often in any markets where we have product? Can I shift focus from one market to another? Is my account moving away from certain tier 1 markets and more into tier 2 and 3 markets? Does my brand have product in those markets?”


How do I find additional recurring opportunities beyond my account’s large meetings?

  1. Navigate to the Top Groups tab.
  2. Select an account to target.
  3. Focus on the lower left graph to view a brand’s largest room needed YoY.

Knowland Tip: Missed opportunities frequently occur when small meetings are overlooked.


Do my accounts always need large space or are there smaller meetings I can capture?

  1. Navigate to the Group Overview tab.
  2. Focus on the Event Counts by Largest Room graphs.

Knowland Tip: Ask yourself, “Does the account have similarly sized events across all brands? Is there opportunity for my hotels with less meeting space?”