My Assigned Groups


This video will help you understand how to add, edit, and remove accounts to your Group Assignments. 


Toggle “My Assigned Groups”

If linked to an Insight User, a MA User will be able toggle Groups Assignments on/off while on the Industry Event Counts, Top Segment, and Top Groups tabs only. Click the Group-Set Filter drop-down in the header. Manage group assignments using the link in the top right menu.

Knowland Tip: Locate Group-Set Filter on the task bar at the top. Select 'My Assigned Groups' in dropdown. This will update the data/graphs to show your assigned accounts.

Knowland Tip: If you want to remove or add groups to your account at any time, click on your name on the upper right hand side of the screen and select Group Assignments.


Maintain Group Assignments

If linked to an Insight User, a MA User will be able to maintain (search for group, add and remove Groups) from their list of “Assigned Groups.” The Group Assignments link is located under the User dropdown on the right side of the Nav Bar.

Knowland Tip: Once you click on Group Assignments, a pop-up box will appear. This box allows you to remove any group as well as ‘Search & Assign’ new groups.

Knowland Tip: After you’ve added new groups to your account, select ‘Save’ on the bottom right hand corner. Your graphs will automatically refresh to include your new groups.


Configure Insight UserID

As a Market Analytics Administrator, you can link an MA User to an Insight User (i.e. User ID field on Add/Edit User below). This configuration step will allow the MA User to maintain a list of “Assigned Groups” and toggle those Groups Assignments On/Off on certain tabs.