Exporting Data

Downloading CSV Data

At the top of the menu in header is an “Export Data” dropdown. This dropdown allows you to select any chart or table on the current tab and export the data behind it into .csv format.


Once you select an item, Market Analytics will attempt to open a sample overview of that data in a new window. You should allow pop-ups from ma.knowland.com.

After the pop-up opens, you will see 2 tabs: Summary and Underlying.  


The Summary tab will display the data used directly on the chart at the calculated level. Each chart uses a number of calculations, which can make the data cryptic and hard to understand at a glance. It is, however, a representation of the raw numbers behind each chart.


The Underlying tab will allow you to see each item that makes up that calculated data down to the row-by-row level.  This data is far more granular, and can be much larger in it’s size, so take care when downloading Underlying data for a chart.

To download Summary or Underlying data as a .csv file, click the “Download all rows as a text file” link.


PDF Export

Next to the "Export Data" button, you will find an additional export option titled "PDF".

After selecting the "PDF" export, you will be presented with various options. Choose the content to included, select number of pages to print the content on, etc. Exporting dashboards as PDF's in Market Analytics is simple and straightforward.