Top Groups

The Top Groups tab allows you to view a list of the top groups by event count within your filtered data set and compare their growth year over year across market brands. Select an individual group to view a more detailed breakdown of that growth, as well as use that group to view in further detail on Group Overview tab.


This tab can be filtered by event year and month, hotel brand group, chain scale, brand, market, region, group industry and industry sub-segment, event largest room, multi-night events, and weekend events.


Top Group List

The first chart on the Top Groups tab is the top group list: A dynamic chart that lists up to 500 of the top groups by all-time event count for your selected filters. The values displayed and the colors of each cell are determined by the metric that you choose, the year-over-year type, and the original year against which you compare.  

Because this chart is used to determine growth between 2 years, the year you select will always compare against the year prior. You can also select whether or not you want to compare full years, or if you want to only compare for the year-to-date (which always uses the current date).

Once you select a year to compare against its prior year, as well as whether or not to consider the full calendar year or just year-to-date, you can select the metric you would like to display the growth for. It is important to note, that the selected metric only applies to the value displayed in the list and its growth color. All metrics are available when you hover over an individual cell so you can get a full picture of a group’s growth within a brand group.

Total Group Size (Events) - tab level filter that buckets groups within one of 9 categories based on their all time event count size.


Available metrics include:

  • ∆ Year over Year Event Count: The calculation of the change in total events in your current filtered data set between the selected year and the year prior (for the year-over-year type you choose).
  • ∆ Year over Year Percent Share: The percentage change of a brand group’s percent share of a specific organization’s business within the current filtered data set and between the selected year and the year prior (for the year-over-year type you choose).
  • ∆ Year over Year Percent Growth: The percentage growth of an organization’s use of a specific brand group between the selected year and the year prior (for the year-over-year type you choose).
  • Total Event Count: The all-time number of events for a specific organization at an individual brand group within the current filtered data set.


The far right column of the top groups list will always be the grand total column. This column is useful  for seeing whether or not the metric you are currently viewing is with or against the current trend for a specific organization.

For example: If the grand total cell for “∆ Year over Year Event Count” is dark green, denoting a relatively large positive value, but the cell for a certain brand group is red, you can deduce that that brand group is holding fewer events for that organization, even though the organization is holding more events overall.


Events by Year and Share by Market

The Top Groups tab allows you to focus on an organization/group from the top group list by clicking on any of its data cells. This will display more detailed data for that group in the bottom 2 charts. Once selected, that group will also populate in and activate the Group Overview tab.


The Events By Year chart will display the selected group’s total number of events for all the years within the selected filter by brand group. Each bar is colored to show the breakdown of events by the size of the largest room used for each event. Hovering over a bar reveals the size categorizations used for these colors.

The Share by Market chart displays the markets the selected group has met in within the selected filters, sorted by all-time event count. Each bar is colored by the share of brand group, and is broken out further by individual hotel. Hovering over a market reveals how many events within the current filtered data set each hotel has had. Clicking an individual hotel’s section will populate that hotel in the Hotel Details tab and activate it.


For more information on how to use this tab, see the following articles.