Industry Event Counts


The Industry Event Counts tab displays the total number of distinct events by industry segment, broken out by brand group. This tab provides a quick overview of which brand groups and industry segments are holding the most events (within the data set determined by filters set). It will also allow you to see the top 50 groups that make up those events and where those groups are headquartered.


The Industry Event Counts tab can be filtered by event year and month, hotel brand group, event largest room, group industry segment, group HQ region, hotel chain scale, hotel brand, hotel region, multi-night events, and weekend events.


As with the Events Per Read tab, clicking on one of the bars or industry segment headings on the top chart will filter the bottom 2 chart and map by that selection. Click on your selection again to clear that filter.


Top 50 Groups

The Industry Event Counts tab includes a list of the top 50 groups, sorted by distinct event counts, and their locations in the bottom 2 visualizations. These will always display up to the 50 highest-ranking groups that have the most events within your selected data set.