Group Management Tools
On all group detail pages, you can assign owners, set alerts, add notes, and more. Look for these tabs and buttons above the past events section.

Group Owners
These are the users assigned to a distinct group. Each user can see all their assigned groups from their profile pages. Remove ownership from here or add users by clicking the purple “Assign Owner” button.

Set alerts to let you know when the group is holding an event in your comp set. Each user can set their own alerts. Click the light blue “Set Alert” button to create an alert.

Set an Alert

  1. Click the light blue “Set Alert” button on the group page.
  2. On the right, pick the users who will receive the alert when events are held.
  3. Click the light blue “Set Alert” button on bottom right of page to save the alert.

Add notes to track communications or keep your sales team aware of status. Create a new note by clicking the green “Add Note” button.