Custom Reports
In the top menu, choose “Reports” from Insight dropdown. On the reports page, Custom Reports can be found below Insight Reports. Custom reports list up to 200 groups with their 10 most recent events that match your report criteria. Find more information on export limitations here.

Create a custom report
To create a new custom report, click the blue “Create Custom Report” button at the top left.

  1. Advanced search required - Choose from an existing saved search or create a new one. The custom report is essentially reporting an advanced search’s results. More information about creating advanced searches here.
  2. Choose fields to include - Only include the information you need.
  3. Set column display and sort order - Of the fields you chose to include, adjust the column order and sorting rules for your export.
  4. Merged vs. not merged report structure - Nested records (merged) is a consolidated report that nests events/contacts/addresses within a single instance of the group. Separate rows (not merged) is easier for sorting after export with event/contact/address having their own row with group info.
  5. Spreadsheet or PDF - Choose your export format.
  6. Report data date range - For the report you can use date ranges set in the base advanced search, set your own custom range, or pick from our dynamic date range defaults. The defaults can be previous day, week, month, quarter, year, etc.