Get to a property profile by clicking any blue property name link in Insight (via search results, calendar tab on home page, etc.).


Top details
At the top of the property detail page, view the address of the hotel.

Add to Comp Set
From the property detail page, add that property to a new or existing comp set by clicking the light blue "Add to Comp Set" button.  Want to add the property to a new comp set?  Simple click "Add New Comp Set" to name the new comp set and automatically add the property.

To manage all of your comp sets visit the Comp Set Manager page. More information about building your comp set here.


Remove from Comp Set
You can remove a property from your comp set by clicking the gear icon next to the property name.  Then click the 'x' to remove the property.

Past events
View a property’s past event history. More information about understanding past events here.