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Top button group
In a single click, navigate to all of Insight’s core components.

Home page tabs
Below the top button group are tabs to switch between comp set views and quick search options.

View the weekly breakdown of your competitors’ events.


  • Views - Switch between your comp sets and choose any week of the year.
  • Export - Save a weekly snapshot as a spreadsheet or PDF.
  • Event Actions - Assign owners or open group details from each event. When a group has an owner, the first assigned user will be displayed on calendar event.
  • Industry Key - Group events are color-coded by industry segment. Refer to the key in the top right.
  • Readerboard - On the left side, next to the property name, click the grey camera icon to view that week’s readerboard images.

Comp Set Overview
A daily view of your comp set’s activity.

  • Views - Switch between your comp sets and choose any day of the year.
  • Export - Save the daily view as a spreadsheet.
  • Event Actions - Expand to see all functions or open group details from each event.

Quick Searches
We identified the most used search parameters and served up 4 different combinations to meet your needs.

Your account's popular searches
Below the 4 starting options on Quick Searches, you can instantly run the saved searches used most often by your team.



“You have no properties in this comp set.”
Whoops: The comp set you are trying to view is empty. More information about building your comp set here.