Comp Set manager
Grouping your competitors into comp sets is key to utilizing Insight. Find properties and create your comp set here.


Find properties
Start by entering a geographic location in the top left search bar. You can use a city, state, zip code, country, or landmark keyword such as “RFK Airport.”

Viewing results
Click a diamond icon in the map view to see which property it is. Select the hotel from the list or select “view details” from the map bubble to see the property’s event statistics. Use the blue button to add a property directly from the result list to your comp set.

Event statistics
You can view detailed event information for every property before using the blue button and adding to your comp set. Click the yellow “Back to Map” button above the property’s event statistics to return to map view.



Refine results
On the right side above result list you have options to tweak your search. Change the result radius, apply filters like name keyword or brand, and sort your results.