Advanced Search Basics
The advanced search has many filter options to generate targeted results. Most of these options are self explanatory, but keep the few points below in mind as you create advanced searches.


Where do I start?
Create an advanced search from anywhere with the “Advanced” link in top menu (to the right of keyword search).

Save & Search
During search creation, you can enter a title to save and run now or save the advanced search from the result page. Insight makes it easy to edit/save advanced searches.

Event dates
You can use a single date range or multiple. To include the date range, be sure to click the blue “Add date range” button.

Group industry
Results can be narrowed by industry segment and even industry subsets. If an industry is checked, Insight automatically knows you want to see all of its subsets in results as well.

Event location
You can specify event location in a variety of ways. Leave as-is for all hotels, use one of your comp sets, default to your market, or get more specific. Start with a broad global region and refine further to a country, state, market, or even brands.

Using keywords
Your results will contain exact phrase matches. For example: Searching “Lunch” under “Event Name” will only return event names with that word in them. Events named “Luncheon” will not be in your results.

Group headquarters
Search for groups by headquarters location. To include the group HQ, be sure to click the blue “Add location” button.