Comp Set Manager

To use the Comp Set tab, you must have a Comp Set created. Comp Sets are collections of competitive hotels that you have created.

Manage Comp Sets

Manage your Comp Sets from the link in the top right preferences menu. 


On the Manage Comp Sets page, search for hotels on the left, then manage your sets of competitor hotels on the right.


Create Comp Sets

Before you can start adding hotels, you need to have a Comp Set created. On the right side, click the blue 'Create New Comp Set' button and enter a name to create a Comp Set.


 Find Hotels and add to Comp Sets

Enter hotel name or expand search options to identify specific hotels to add to comp sets.


Toggle between hotels that we are currently reading or all hotels (including hotels we've never read, or properties we've read in the past we no longer read now).'

Add Hotels to Comp Sets

From the result list you can add individual hotels to a Comp Set, or select and add multiple using the feature at top of list. You will notice red or blue alerts next to some hotel names. Red alert means we never collected data for this property. Blue alert shows that we have past data for this hotel, but are not currently collecting.