Hidden Elite Leads & Groups

In the top menu, hover over your name and click “Account Settings.” Expand the top bar on your account page on the following screen by selecting “Account Settings.”

Select the tab "Hidden Elite Leads & Groups" to view a list of your Leads you have hidden.

Toggle between "Hidden Elite Leads" and "Hidden Elite Lead Groups"

Click the "restore" button to unhide a Group or Lead individually or use the checkboxes and "Action" link to unhide them in mass.

NOTE: Hidden Leads and Groups are only hidden for you and do not affect other team members on your account.

Hidden Elite Lead Groups:

Restoring a hidden Elite Lead Group will unhide all Elite Leads for that Group.

Hidden Elite Leads:

Restoring a hidden Elite Leads will unhide that Lead.  Click anywhere in the row to open the Lead Details for that hidden Lead.