What is Elite?

Q: How are these scores determined?

Our Data Science team has developed an algorithm that assigns ‘weights’ to various Group and Event attributes and how they relate to your property’s attribute make-up.

Q: How often are Elite Leads updated?

Every night new events are pulled in to update existing Leads and their scores.

Q: What is the minimum number of events to create a Lead?

4 events

Q: How many Leads are shown for each week?

The highest scored Leads with a maximum of 50 Leads will display for each week.  When applying filters it will also display the highest scored Leads with a maximum of 50 Leads that match the filter criteria.

Q: What do each of the hotel attributes mean?

Brand Group – The commonly known “parent” brand associated with a hotel. (e.g. Hilton, Marriott)

Brand – The commonly known brand associated with a hotel. (e.g. Doubletree, Embassy Suites)

Class – Categorization based on average room rates. (e.g. luxury, upper upscale, upscale)

Location Type – Categorization based on physical location. (e.g. Urban, Suburban, Airport, Resort, Interstate, Small Metro/Town)

Market Tier – Categorization based on market size. (e.g.  Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4, Resort)

Region – Categorization based on geography. (e.g. New England, Middle Atlantic, Mountain, Pacific)

Market – Categorization based on geography typically made up of a Metropolitan area.
(e.g. Washington, DC-MD-VA)

Q: Where can a client find attribute definitions?

Users can see the above attribute definitions and examples within a Lead Details window by clicking “Click for more info for attributes”.  They can also find it in the Help Center.

Q: Why is there no date range filter or year filter?

Elite Leads are looking at all historical data and finding events that happen in the same week year after year.  

Elite Features

Q: Is there an Insight Elite tutorial to walk me through the website?

Yes, in the top navigation bar click Help and then Replay Tutorial to get a guided walk through of Insight Elite.

Q: Can I assign Leads to others on my team?  Is it the same as Group assignment?

You are able to assign Leads to yourself or anyone else on your account with an Insight login.  An Elite Lead assignment is separate from a Group Owner.  There can only be one user assigned to a Lead, but a Group can be assigned multiple Group Owners.

Q: Will I receive an email notification if I am assigned an Elite Lead?

Yes.  Similar to the group assignment email, you will receive an email notification when you are assigned an Elite Lead that will include details on the Group and Lead.

Q: How can I see the group's information and past event information?

In the Lead Details window click on the group's name to access the Group Details page.  There you will find the group’s general information, past events and any other Elite Leads available.

Q: How do I know what groups have Elite Leads when running a search?

Group search results will display an icon with a Lead count letting the user know Elite Leads are available and how many are available.  A green leaf = available UNassigned Leads and a blue leaf = assigned Leads for that Group.  No leaf means that client doesn’t have any scored Leads for that Group.

Q: What does it mean to ‘Hide Lead’ or ‘Hide All Leads for this Group’?

‘Hide Lead’ will hide that specific Lead so that it is no longer viewable from your Card View or List View. ‘Hide All Leads for this Group’ will hide all Leads for that Group. These actions only affect your account; it will not affect other Elite users within your organization.  Go to ‘Account Settings’ to view and restore hidden Leads and Groups.  You can only hide Leads that have not been assigned to a user.

Q: Can I export Elite Leads?

You can export Assigned Leads from the Elite Leads tab in both Card View and List View.  Assigned Leads exported from the Elite Lead tab will export the need period you are viewing including the applied filters.

To export ALL assigned Leads for yourself or another user go to Account Settings.

Q: Where can I find the Group’s event history to see all of their past events?

Click on the Group name within the Elite Lead Details window to go to the Group Details page.  There you can view all Past Events for that Group.  Use the Market filter to drill down even further to see when the Group last met in your market.

Finding Elite Leads that meet your needs

Q: Can I just view Leads where I am the Group Owner?

Yes, in the Elite Leads filter select “My Groups” to display Leads where you are the Group Owner.

Q: This Group doesn’t fit in my hotel, why am I seeing them as a match?

A Group often has multiple events.  Their annual conference may be too big for your property, but they may also have a smaller event that does fit in your hotel.  Use the filter for “Largest Room Used” to help target Leads with events that fit your property.

Q: What is the "Score Percentile"?

The Score Percentile is specific to your Lead scores.  This shows you where each Lead falls in relation to all of your Lead scores.

  • Top 1% = Scores in your 99th percentile. These are your highest scored Leads available.
  • Top 10% = Scores in your 90th percentile.
  • Top 25% = Scores in your 75th percentile.
  • Top 50% = Scores in your 50th percentile.
  • < 50% = Scores below the 50th percentile.

Q: How do the “Event Length” filters work?

All Events = no filter applied

Single Day = All events within the Lead will be single day events

Multi Day = At least ONE event within the Lead will be a multi day event

Q: I’m looking for local catering business, how do I find Leads that meet my needs?

Apply Elite Lead filters for “Single Day” and add “Event Locations” for your Country/State/City.

Q: I just want to see Leads from my comp set, how can I do that?

Elite is comp set agnostic and is built to find Groups that match your property.  You can add an “Event Location” filter to Elite Leads if you only want to target Groups that have met at least once in a specific County/State/City.