Scored Leads

Powered by Knowland’s vast store of actualized meeting and event data, the lead-serving application identifies and extrapolates proven group trends and relates those trends to the probability of them repeating in the future.  Then, opportunities are scored based on fit for the customer, filtered for the best matches, and presented to the customer with minimal user time and involvement.

Scores correlate directly to likelihood of winning business as a result of proven behavior and are created by comparing the opportunity profile with the customer’s profile.

Click here for more information on viewing, filtering and using Elite Leads on the home page.

Lead Details

Click on an Elite Lead to view the Lead Details.  In the top section you will find a summary of the Lead activity: the average week the events take place, the score and the number of events that make up this Lead.  

Click on the Group name to go to the Group Details page to view other Leads available, Past Events history and Group Contacts.

Click "Assign Lead" to assign this Lead to yourself or another user on the account.  Only one user can be assigned to each Lead.  In the Assignment window you will see (Group Owner) next to any user currently assigned as the Group Owner for that Group.  To view all Lead assignments for yourself or another team member visit "Account Settings".  Once assigned, click on the Lead Owner to edit.


Group Buying Behavior: Maps the type of hotels and locations that Group prefers during that week.  In the below example you can see they always book with the same Class of property and in the same Location Type, but they don't always met in the same Market or book with the same Brand.

0% represents no group buying consistency for that hotel attribute.  Example: 0% for Market means the events in this Lead were all booked in different markets and shows the Group is willing to travel.  100% represents complete consistency in group buying behavior for that hotel attribute.  Example: 100% for Region means the events in this Lead were all booked in the same region and shows the Group doesn't travel outside of that region for these events.

My Hotel Attribute Similarity: Matches my property attributes with the Group's Buying Behavior to see how well I match the Group's preferences for that week.  In the below example I can quickly see that they prefer to book at properties just like mine and they have met in my Region in the past.

0% represents no similarity to my hotel for that attribute compared to the group buying behavior.  Example: 0% for Brand means none of the events in this Lead were all booked in my Brand.  100% represents complete similarity to my hotel for that attribute compared to the group buying behavior.  Example: 100% for Region means all of the events in this Lead were all booked in my region.

 To view definitions and examples for each attribute select "(i) Click for more info for attributes"

Market Tier examples:

  • Tier 1: Boston, Chicago
  • Tier 2: Detroit, Nashville
  • Tier 3: Buffalo, Omaha
  • Tier 4: Mobile, Jackson
  • Resort: Hawaii Islands

To view your property attributes, click the star.


Events for this Lead are listed newest - oldest.  Here you can see the hotels they have met at and a summary of each booking.

To see a Group's full event history click on the Group name to open the Group Detail page.  For more information check out "Understanding past events"

Hide Lead

Click "Hide Lead" in the bottom right corner if you no longer want to see this Lead in your "Unassigned Leads" view.  Hiding a Lead will only hide it for you, this does not hide Leads for other users on your account.  Select "Hide Lead only" to hide that individual Lead or select "Hide All Leads for this Group" to hide any unassigned Leads for that Group.  You can only hide Leads that have not been assigned to a user.

To unhide a Lead or Group go to your "Account Settings".  Click here for more information on how to unhide Leads.

Past events
View a group’s full past event history by clicking on the Group name to open the Group Details page.  Under Past Events see a list of newest to oldest.  More information about understanding past events here.

These are meeting planners Knowland has associated with a group.  Click the Group name within a Lead Detail window to open the Group Details page.  Scroll to the bottom to view available contacts.  Click a planner’s name to view contact details. More information about contacts here.

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