Your Profile
View your user page by clicking your name or “User Preferences” on the user dropdown in the top menu.

Assigned Leads, Groups and Alerts
On your user profile, you can view all of your Lead and Group assignments and all of your Group Alerts that you are setup to receive.

  • Assigned Leads - Edit ownership for a Lead, view the Lead Details and export your Assigned Leads list.
  • Assigned Groups - Remove assignments or export a list of all groups assigned to you. If needed, you can bulk transfer assigned groups from one user to another.
  • Alerts - Edit existing alerts or remove yourself as a recipient.

Edit user details
On your profile page, click the blue “Edit User” button to update basic user details. Update name, email address, permission group, and more.

User preferences
Below assigned Leads, Groups and Alerts, expand user preferences to edit display settings and email options.

  • Display Settings - Set your preferred home page tab, search result display, and more.
  • Auto-Assignment - Set rules to have Group's auto-assigned to yourself.
  • Email Options - Control which types of emails you receive from Insight.