Auto Delivered Reports
Automate the delivery of any standard Insight report or custom report you’ve created. On the reports page, Auto Delivered Reports can be found below Custom Reports.

Set up report auto delivery
To automate report delivery, click the blue “Create Auto Delivered Report” button at the top left.

  • Base report required - Choose a standard Insight report or any custom report you’ve created.
  • Choose data range - Set up the report to include data from previous week, month, etc. Based on the data range, you’ll have delivery options like first day of week, last day of each month, end of quarter, etc.
  • Select recipients - Set yourself or other sales team members up to receive this automated report.
  • Merged vs. not merged report structure - Nested records (merged) is a consolidated report that nests events/contacts/addresses within a single instance of the group. Separate rows (not merged) is easier for sorting after export with event/contact/address having their own row with group info.
  • Spreadsheet or PDF - Choose your export format.