Understanding Past Events
When viewing groups, properties, and people, you’ll see past events listed. Familiarize yourself with the basics of manipulating and understanding this section.

Refine further…
Quickly narrow past events through date range, event location, advanced search filters, and more. You’ll find these options right above the past event list. Make sure you check the box in front of each option before updating view to have it applied.

  • Update view - IMPORTANT: Click the blue “update view” button whenever you update a filter option.
  • Held Between - See events held between a date range.
  • Market - Filter event locations by market.
  • Advanced Filter - Apply a saved search to the event list. If you have a saved search for large events on multiple days, quickly view all the groups event that meet this criteria.
  • Verified Events Only - See only the events that Knowland has verified in-depth information for. This can include additional meeting planner contact details, decision criteria, room rates, and more. See below for more information.


See All Functions
Take a closer look at an event by clicking “See All Functions” at the bottom right of the event. You can see names and times of each function along with meeting space used.

  • Est. #Attendees : estimated number of attendees for each event is based on function name keywords and square footage used.

Verified Event Information
If Knowland has verified event information about an event, it’s displayed in Insight, including involved contacts.

Export 2000 past events at a time from a group, property, or person. Just click the red “Export” link below “Refine further options.” Find more information on export limitations here.


*Have SmartSync for MeetingBroker integration?  Click here for more details.