Starting With A Simple Search
Search is one of Insight’s core features. Jump right in with a few quick-start options. If you’re looking for more specific results, see information about the advanced search here.


Search from top menu
Run a keyword search, access saved searches, or start something more advanced.

  • Keyword - Enter a keyword. Use the dropdown to right of input to search for that exact phrase in the name of the group, property, event planner, or event.
  • Saved Searches - In the keyword option dropdown, choose the blue “Saved Searches” link to view your account’s saved searches.
  • Advanced - Click this link to create an advanced search. More information about the advanced search here.



Quick Searches on home page
Click the Knowland logo on the top left of menu to return to your home page. From here, run one of the 4 most-used search parameter combinations. More information about the home page here.