Search Results

From the search results page you will be able to see a summary of the data returned, refine your search, export your results, see which Groups have Elite Leads, and click into related detail pages.

Click here for more information on exporting search results.

Displaying Search Results

Above the search results you can change how the results are displayed by showing Group, Properties or People, sorting by Event Count, Alphabetical or Geo Search and viewing results as a List or Map.

Elite Leads in Group Results

Groups results with Elite Leads available will display as a leaf with a Lead count.  The blue leaf icon represents Assigned Leads and the green leaf icon represents unassigned Leads available.  Click on the Group name to open the Group Detail page to view all available Elite Leads, Past Events, Contacts and more.



Refine search results
Once you’ve run a search, you can continue to refine the results and update the search itself.


Save or edit searches at anytime
Above the search criteria, you have the ability to save the current search or edit the existing saved search.

Search criteria
If you need to expand your results by removing search parameters, just disable criteria instead of editing search. For example: (See below) If you no longer wanted to restrict results by square footage, you would uncheck that criteria to update results. To the left of the criteria, you can add more search parameters if desired.

Show me different event groupings
Think of every search as an event search. You can view these event results in 3 different ways. See groups holding these events, view properties where meetings or events are located, or the people who planned the events. Change your results view by clicking the “Show me:” dropdown on the left side.

Sorting and map view
On the right side above your search results, you can change the sorting order or open the map view. Sort groups alphabetically or view the person who planned the most recent event at the top of the list.


Refine further by...
Left of the results, we have additional filter categories that can be applied. Choose to view only recent events, groups headquartered in the Northeast, events held in the Midwest, only Associations, or any other combination.